Tori is a Houston area flutist and flute educator specializing in audition preparation and mindful playing at all levels. Across the city, Tori’s high-energy masterclasses range from starting 6th grade beginners through preparing high school flutists to compete at the state level. Originally from the Chicago area, Tori’s masters degree is from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where she studied with Dr. Jonathan Keeble. Her teaching assistantship in music theory, and studies in piano, yoga, and Alexander Technique help provide a foundational understanding of cross-discipline instruction. Learn more about Tori’s background.

Tori currently teaches virtual lessons online, and is a flute teacher in Alvin, Friendswood, and Katy school districts. She takes a fundamentally human approach to every aspect of her varied career as a musician by appealing to the individual, and allowing awareness, beauty, and confidence to grow from there.


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“I enjoy taking flute lessons from Ms. Lupinek! She is very patient and always gives me feedback in an effort to help me grow. If I am struggling with my music, I know I can always ask her for help, and she works through it with me. I know taking lessons from Ms. Lupinek has helped me become a better flutist!” ~Ayden, junior high region orchestra flutist

“Tori has been a huge help to me in my beginner flute class. She’s great with the kids and has great pedagogical information! As a clarinet player, I appreciated learning from such a fantastic player and colleague on how to improve my students’ (and my own) tone qualities, intonation, vibrato, and more!! I highly recommend her as a masterclass teacher and private lesson teacher!” ~Hannah Fry, Associate Band Director, Manvel Junior High

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