Episode 1: Burnout

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"Mindset is everything." Is it really? This week we unearth some mindset and self-talk habits that sabotage musicians–especially recent music grads.  In this episode: Pessimism, realism, optimism Self-talk Judgement Compassion and empathy Reacting versus responding Abundance versus scarcity Gratitude  "Mindset is everything" poster  Jen Sincero's self-help book "You Are a Badass"  Follow Tori on Instagram Join The Unclassical Musicians Facebook group 
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In episode 1, Tori kicks off a series of heavy-hitting topics with her own personal burnout story. We define burnout and its symptoms, and discuss why musicians in particular are prone to working themselves into burnout. 

Do you have an inspirational burnout story that you’d like to share with other listeners? Feel free to post about it in The Unclassical Musicians FB group, or DM Tori on IG!

Info on “Burnout” from Psychology Today:


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2 thoughts

  1. Tori!! This was so good, you rocked this first one, and yeah, tough topic. It’s a long road to realize that others have these same struggles. And ultimately to realize that there’s no shame in choosing the path that is calling you, even if it means doing something totally different than you thought you’d be doing. We’re each unique and there’s an equally unique path there for the taking for every on of us.


    • Thank you for listening Mary! And beautifully said, we all are on our on unique path that has twists and turns we don’t even know about yet. There is no shame in deviating from the path our predecessors laid out for us!


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