Episode 1: Burnout

Flutist Tyler Martin on pandemic life at Rice and the future of our industry The Unclassical Musician

Tori interviews fellow flutist and Chicago-Houston transplant Tyler Martin on life at one of the United States' top orchestral training institutions during the pandemic. They also dig into how his experiences of the past year have broadened Tyler's mindset on new possibilities for his career path. Besides doing his second masters at Rice, Tyler is also a sub for the Houston Symphony and has played at Spoleto, Texas Music Festival, and Brevard. Last summer Tyler was a featured performer for the National Flute Association Summer Series. Tyler also teaches around Houston and is a strong advocate for classical music education, especially in communities of color. Major topics in this conversation: Comparing and contrasting life at Rice University before and during the pandemic How the future landscape of classical music will change (or not) because of the pandemic  The impact of the killing of George Floyd and major BLM protests in 2020 on the classical music industry Next week: our first ever Q&A/AMA episode! Be sure to submit your questions BY Friday March 5th to be included on the next episode!  Links: Tyler's interview with the NFA Tyler's website Follow Tyler on Instagram Subscribe to Tyler's YouTube channel Submit a question for next week's episode  Support The Unclassical Musician on Patreon Follow Tori on Instagram  Follow The Unclassical Musician on Instagram by following the hashtag #theunclassicalmusician Join The Unclassical Musicians Facebook Group Sign up for a FREE 30-minute coaching session with Tori  Send Tori an email tori@torilupinek.com 
  1. Flutist Tyler Martin on pandemic life at Rice and the future of our industry
  2. Budgeting for Beginners
  3. Jess Voigt Page: music business and career success coach
  4. Make money NOW
  5. Austin Pancner on Recovering from Injury

In episode 1, Tori kicks off a series of heavy-hitting topics with her own personal burnout story. We define burnout and its symptoms, and discuss why musicians in particular are prone to working themselves into burnout. 

Do you have an inspirational burnout story that you’d like to share with other listeners? Feel free to post about it in The Unclassical Musicians FB group, or DM Tori on IG!

Info on “Burnout” from Psychology Today:


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2 thoughts

  1. Tori!! This was so good, you rocked this first one, and yeah, tough topic. It’s a long road to realize that others have these same struggles. And ultimately to realize that there’s no shame in choosing the path that is calling you, even if it means doing something totally different than you thought you’d be doing. We’re each unique and there’s an equally unique path there for the taking for every on of us.


    • Thank you for listening Mary! And beautifully said, we all are on our on unique path that has twists and turns we don’t even know about yet. There is no shame in deviating from the path our predecessors laid out for us!


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