Pivoting online and virtual networking for musicians

Yes, we are (hopefully) halfway through this pandemic thing. No, it is never too late to start amplifying your artistic voice online!

Your online presence is meant to showcase your work. It is your platform to advertise your goods, services, and skills. If you are a non-salaried musician, how do you expect to get new work if you are not promoting yourself???

Here are Tori’s top necessities for success to amplify your online presence:

1) Website

2) Youtube channel

3) Facebook page

4) Instagram

We also talk about the difference between Facebook pages and Facebook groups, whether or not to shell out the big bucks for a full website design when you’re just starting out, and viewing social media usage as networking. 

Next week, be sure to come back for a conversation with our FIRST guest: Dr. Chelsea Tanner, mindset coach for musicians.


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