Jess Voigt Page: music business and career success coach

Originally from Australia, Jess Voigt Page is an Austin, TX-based classical saxophonist, teacher, performer, and coach. She is on faculty at Baylor University and is president-elect of NASA (North American Saxophone Alliance). Jess’ “three-ish-minute thursday” Youtube videos cover a variety of bite-sized topics pertinent to creating your own music career. Stay tuned all the way to the end of the episode to hear about Jess’ brush with Great British Bake Off royalty–Nancy Birtwhistle! 


In this episode we’ll talk about:


~What a music career and business success coach does

~Why musicians need career coaching in the 21st century/ how music school let us down 

~Jess’ 3 most important things musicians should do for their business RIGHT NOW


Check out the latest episode!

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