How frequently should I be taking lessons?

Weekly lessons are a must if you want to see real improvement! We take breaks for holidays, of course. I recommend weekly lessons over summer vacation to keep learning and moving forward so you are ahead of the game when school starts. 

How does payment work? 

Payments are due monthly at/by the first lesson of the month. The number of lessons per month varies based on the academic calendar and my schedule. I accept digital forms of payment including PayPal and Venmo, as well as cash or check. 

How do online lessons work?

I teach on the virtual meeting platform Zoom. It really has the best audio and video quality for playing instruments through the internet. It is super easy– you don’t even need a Zoom account! I will email or txt you a link to my meeting room 10 minutes before your lesson time. Just click the link and you’re connected! You can find additional details on my teaching blog, Tori’s Flute Tips here

What materials do I need?

See my materials list here. Here is my required music list for lessons, all of which you can purchase at Sheetmusicplus.com

How much should I practice?

Musicians need to practice nearly every single day in order to keep improving! I recommend students practice 6 days per week, for the amount of time of your flute lesson. If you take 30 minute lessons, then you should practice 30 minutes per day. If your lesson is 45 minutes, then you should practice 45 minutes, etc.. 

Can I take lessons during the school day?

Yes! I offer lessons during the school day in Alvin and Friendswood ISDs. 

Do you teach on the weekends?

I teach online and at my home on the weekends. 

What type of flute should I have?

See my recommendations on flute specifications here.

How do I buy a new flute? (Houston)

This varies based on how far along you are on your flute journey. For beginners, I recommend purchasing or renting your instrument through the music shop your school uses. My personal favorite in the Houston area is Music & Arts. They have multiple locations across the city and in the suburbs. For step-up instruments and intermediate players, I always recommend you contact Bobbi Prewitt at Music & Arts on Jameel Road. She will listen to you play flutes in your price range and match you up with the instrument that works best for you! You should check out my page on purchasing a new flute.

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