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Thank you to Heidi Kay Begay and the Flute360 podcast for sponsoring June’s series on musicians who podcast!

Have you ever considered starting your podcast, but didn’t know where to begin? Heidi helped get The Unclassical Musician off the ground, and she wants to help you create your show, too!

Heidi is offering her course, The Podcasting Musician this July and Unclassical listeners get 10% off the course with the code TORI10. Click here to learn more about the course!

Interested in collaborating on one or more episodes of The Unclassical Musician? Well, you are in the right place! Check out some details on the sponsorship form, or scroll on for some FAQs.

Why market your biz on podcasts?

Podcasts are a HUGE market to speak to! Over 60 million households in the US ALONE are avid podcast listeners. This passive, audio-only content allows the user flexibility to listen and consume far more than visual media alone (like Instagram, Facebook, and TicTok). Think multi-tasking: listening while driving, doing chores around the house, while doing a hobby, walking the dog… the list goes on! Most people who listen to podcasts listen on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

Who listens to The Unclassical Musician?

Over 300 young professional musicians download the show each month. They range from students in music school through 30-something-year-old professionals in both performance and education. And anywhere in between! The audience has been loving guest appearances. Guests are always within our listener demographic and display a unique perspective or career path within the music industry.

Maximize your impact with social media

In today’s ever-changing virtual landscape, it is not enough to be JUST audio or JUST visual. That’s why when we collaborate on a show, I plaster your name and brand on ALL my social media channels. Literally all of them. This is an example of an Instagram photo promoting the podcast. Want to see more?

Want to work together?

Oh, and here’s that sponsorship form again…

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