The Unclassical Musician Calendar

June 2021

6/1: Taking the week off– happy summer vacation!

6/8: rebroadcasting the trailer for newcomers!

6/15: Musicians Who Podcast– Heidi Kay Begay and Flute360

6/22: Musicians Who Podcast– Jason Heath and Contrabass Conversations

6/29: Musicians Who Podcast– Karen Cubides and The Musician’s Guide

May 2021– Mental Health Awareness Month!

5/4: Coping with Covid

5/11: Amanda Deligiannis– musician-turned-social worker on musician “little t” trauma and self-care

5/18: A conversation about mental fitness for musicians with french horn player and fitness enthusiast Rusty Holmes!

5/25: New World Symphony fellow and flutist Leah Stevens on mental health as a musician in and out of a pandemic.

April 2021

4/6: Starting your own private lesson business– my perspective from Texas. Shoutout to Keith Alcius, tuba!

4/9: Friday BONUS!!! Unclassical Musicians exclusive Instagram training LIVE session with Nicole Riccardo! Sign up for The Instagram Marketing and Sales Academy here!

4/13: Out sick…

4/20: Talking with flutist and artistic director of The Virtual Flute Music Festival 2021Katie Velasquez!

4/27: A conversation with studio-building guru and flute teacher extraordinaire Katherine Emeneth!

March 2021

3/2: A conversation with flutist Tyler Martin

3/9: First ever Q&A episode! I will answer ALL your questions! Feel free to submit your questions here.

3/16: Taxes for musicians

3/23: SPRING BREEEAAAAAAAAK! Re-airing of episode 10: Pivoting online and virtual networking for musicians.

3/30: A conversation with online marketing QUEEN and flutist Nicole Riccardo!

February 2021

2/2: How to make money NOW– income for musicians during a pandemic

2/9: Taking a break for my 28th birthday šŸ™‚

2/16: A conversation with Jess Voigt Page– music business and career success coach

2/23: Budgeting for beginners– stop identifying as a starving artist!

January 2021

1/5: New Year’s Resolutions and setting SMART goals

1/8 BONUS EPISODE: PPP Loans for Musicians

1/12: Pivoting to online and virtual networking for musicians– necessities for success!

1/19: Mindset for musicians with mindset coach and flutist Chelsea Tanner.

1/26: Exercise for musicians and overcoming performance injury with Austin Pancner, The Functional Musician.

December 2020

12/1: The ethics of music during a pandemic

12/8: Dealing with an injury

12/15: Coping with anxiety

12/22: Imposter Syndrome

12/29: Winter Break

November 2020

11/3: Self-care for musicians

11/10: Work from home scheduling. Get the schedule template here!

11/17: Mindset

11/24: Thanksgiving Break

October 2020

10/20: Introductions

10/27: Burnout

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